Network Support Services

While computers have become an integral productivity tool to businesses, the increased complexity of today’s networked computer systems require more attention than before. Improperly maintained networks at best significantly degrade the usefulness of these systems, and at worst can lead to lost or corrupt data, lost productivity, frustrated employees, and lawsuits.  Now, utilizing cloud based management software and our new manned Network Support Center (NSC), TuWay can provide small to mid-sized organizations 24 X 7 monitoring of critical networked assets, improved problem resolution and lower network management costs.

Here is what we do:

Analyze: We assess in-place information systems and procedures, gathering the information necessary to analyze the network and systems for both functional and security deficiencies. This process yields an in-depth understanding of strengths and weaknesses and provides a clear path to a secure and highly available system.

Monitor: Our unified monitoring systems provide real-time notifications of any functional problems or security related issues on your networks. We employ an on-call rotation of highly skilled engineers and technicians who respond to these issues and alarms, often before users or internal staff become aware of a problem.

Maintain: Without constant care, your network rapidly becomes vulnerable to breech or service outages. We utilize a combination of both automated and manual patch deployment for operating systems and software specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Support: Our support agreements provide flexible maintenance, general network administration and user support at a fixed monthly cost. You can open a trouble ticket right from client workstations via our agent application, via e-mail, or by calling our service department directly. All 24x7, 365 days a year. Using the most up to date support applications allows us to remotely diagnose and resolve many issues without the need for a site visit. However, should that be necessary, our team of certified network engineers and technicians are ready to assist.

Repair and Replacement: Depending on your needs, support plans can include repair or replacement of failed critical equipment either same day from our spares cache or via overnight replacement direct from the manufacturer.

Download our one page brochure on our Network Support Services here.

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