Distribution Communications

Two-Way Radio

While TuWay can design and build your on-premise radio system, building your own radio infrastructure is expensive and time consuming. If available radio frequencies are even available, the FCC licensing process will take 6- 12 months. Recent federal regulations also make it illegal to operate a cellular phone while driving certain commercial vehicles. TuWay maintains a private radio network which covers the Lehigh Valley and southern Poconos, which can be a much faster and cost effective solution to building your own radio system. Call today to see how leasing space on TuWay’s Smart Radio Network can meet your on-site or local wireless communications needs.

For companies who already have a radio system, or where operational needs make building and maintaining a radio infrastructure, TuWay can provide a variety of repeaters, base stations, mobile and portable radios to fit most every need.

Centralized Communications Control

With the advent of lower cost, networked communications consoles, companies can now take advantage of more effective field and remote worker communications. These products allow you (from either a single operations center, multiple remote sites, or mobile locations) to integrate all of your radio, telephone and cellular communications for security, HSE, maintenance, and operations onto one homogeneous platform. Combined with today’s digital radio platforms, companies can tie together disparate radio systems via private IP WANs, the Internet, microwave, or satellite creating collaboration opportunities as never before. Can also be integrated with TuWay’s Smart Radio Network.

Wireless Surveillance Video

TuWay specializes in unique wireless surveillance applications, where power, available network, bandwidth, and equipment access are a challenge. TuWay has designed systems at reservoirs, remote communications tower sites, and that connect multiple outdoor locations into a single easy to use system. We love a challenge, and have designed and installed systems employing solar panels, storage that resides atop traffic signal poles, video analytics, and WiFi/ Cellular/ Microwave back-haul.