Public Safety Communications

Proven Real-Time Communications Solutions

TuWay can help you plan, design, install, and maintain communications solutions that let you respond safer, quicker, and more efficiently. From complete 911 center solutions and wide area networks to video recording equipment and complex mobile data systems, TuWay is there to make sure that you’re in touch with the right people at the right time—always.

Interoperability Solutions

Your communications components need to work seamlessly with other public safety organizations, municipalities, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. Whether your team needs to access video and data or connect with other personnel, TuWay can develop a solution that allows you to interact effectively with other field personnel. 

Remote User Solutions

TuWay's advanced mesh networks and private wireless data networks can help your public safety personnel quickly share, transmit, and utilize data and video wherever—and whenever—necessary. TuWay’s expertise in developing scalable, secure mobile data networks will result in a system that meets your exact specifications. 

Next-Generation Communication Systems

TuWay specializes in advanced communication systems, from full dispatch systems and voice over IP (VoIP) solutions to radio frequency (RF) and microwave technology. TuWay’s experienced engineers will analyze your operations, determine your exact needs, and implement a solution that keeps you in constant contact with your team.