Next Gen 911

TuWay Communications is a leader in designing and implementing Next Gen 911 (NG 911) solutions. Teaming with Airbus DS Communications, we were the first to implement their VESTA® Solutions Suite for advanced, shared, multi-site (geo-diverse) 911 call handling at multiple Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in the Lehigh Valley and Pocono Regions.

In addition to terminating conventional 911 Centralized Automatic Message Accounting (CAMA) trunk circuits, the VESTA® 911 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) paves the way for Voice over IP (VoIP) call termination by combining Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) call handling with advanced Airbus DS Communications call control technologies.

The solution includes standard telephony features, e.g. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), one-button transfer, and dynamic conferencing. Plus its flexible, open architecture often eliminates the need for a traditional PBX, reducing call center costs and easily accommodating single and geo-diverse deployments.

Additionally, the VESTA® solutions suite’s modular architecture is scalable to accommodate the following:

  • VESTA® SMS provides PSAPs the text to 9-1-1 capability they need now with NENA i3-standards compliancy to assure their readiness for tomorrow. VESTA SMS makes it easy for agents to receive and manage text messages because of the seamless integration with Airbus DS Communications' industry-leading VESTA 9-1-1 call handling system.
  • VESTA™ Router enables PSAPs to take the critical first step to advanced call routing by delivering NENA-compliant capabilities and provides great flexibility, both of which allow your agency to implement IP Selective Routing and move to full i3 Emergency Services Routing Proxy and Emergency Call Routing Function (ESRP/ECRF).
  • VESTA™ Map, built on ESRI ArcGIS, delivers advanced NG9-1-1 mapping capabilities for enterprise/geo-diverse customers.
  • VESTA™ Analytics gives your PSAP an intuitive, easy-to-use reporting engine and enables your administrators to retrieve the exact data, right when they need it. Highly robust, it supplies a number of standard documents with facts on call counts, transfer averages, trunk and line utilization, etc., and accommodates customization when needs are more specific.

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