Education Communications

Connectivity & Security for Today’s Campuses

Whether you’re a small school district in need of two-way radio systems or a 350-acre university interested in a campus-wide wireless mesh network, TuWay can help you provide a safe, effective learning environment. TuWay can evaluate, design, engineer, install, and maintain even the most complex communications solutions.

Building Security/Emergency Alerting

From single buildings to large, multi-facility districts, TuWay helps you protect your most important asset: your people. Areas of expertise include campus-wide emergency alerting systems, emergency call box solutions, and video recording equipment.   

Interoperability Solutions

Stay connected to local public safety with an interoperable communications solution that works seamlessly with fire, police, and other public safety organizations. From two-way radios to wireless video systems, TuWay can develop a system that ensures you’re connected to the people that matter, when it matters most. 

Transportation Communications

Safety doesn’t stop at the front door. Keep in constant contact with your personnel on the road and in the field with a TuWay-designed mobile communications system. From bus drivers to maintenance and security staff, TuWay can deliver a flexible solution that keeps you connected to your staff no matter where they roam. 

Wireless Mesh Networking

A reliable, scalable mesh network gives your students and staff access to the information they need wherever they go—in class, at the library, or in the lounge. TuWay can design, install, and maintain a mesh network that lets you deliver the best education possible—even outside the classroom.