Systems that do not function reliably or as designed do not provide value, and at worst can be detrimental to an organization. TuWay provides a variety of maintenance plans that can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs. These include:

  • Break-Fix or T&M (Time and Materials) maintenance is employed for non-critical systems and hardware and consists of a first-come, first-serve response by our service department to investigate, diagnose and resolve system or hardware issues
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance visits to inspect, clean and perform manufacturer recommended service
  • Routine installation of software upgrades and patch releases
  • Periodic “tech refreshes” (generally every 3- 5 years) where critical hardware, components or software are replaced in order to maintain high availability and system uptime
  • Contract Maintenance Plans provide worry free support that your systems will not experience significant down time. Typically these plans feature:

- Either 24 x 7 x 365, or 8-5 Monday- Friday support

- Remote system monitoring

- Telephone/ email support

- Scheduled preventative maintenance

- Guaranteed response times (vs. first-come, first-serve) to service calls or outages

- Availability of inventoried spare parts and equipment, or manufacturer overnight replacement

- Software and patch release updates

Regardless of your maintenance preference, all maintenance is handled through our staffed, in-house Network Support Center (NSC) which coordinates the response to your issue (including all internal and external resources) through to its resolution.

Call, email or click here to arrange to speak with a TuWay specialist about creating a maintenance plan specific to your needs.