Communications Dispatch


Public Safety and Businesses utilize Communications Consoles when there is need to efficiently control and monitor critical radio and telephone communications throughout an organization.  Typical uses include:

  • Emergency Call Response (911 Center or Business Emergency Response Center) - calls are routed to a dispatcher who determines the type of response required based on the nature of the call.  The dispatcher then dispatches the appropriate resources (police/security, fire, medical) to respond to the emergency.  They can then monitor the progress of the response, relaying additional information to the responders, cross-patching radio or telephone/ cellular traffic so that responders can talk to each other (voice interoperability), or dispatching additional resources as needs dictates.
  • Centralized Maintenance Dispatch - Operations centers that monitor networks, SCADA or other remote equipment monitoring systems, or that take inbound calls from users experiencing problems and outages, can dispatch and control the maintenance team response similar to how emergency call response is handled.  Innovations in newer networked radio systems and consoles allow for more centralized management of maintenance responses across an enterprise.  One location can now manage events in multiple geographic locations through the corporate wide area network (WAN) and by tying together multiple radio and cellular assets, enable more collaboration when troubleshooting incidents.  This can result in significant cost savings versus duplicating this functionality at each location.

There are many other benefits that unified communications can offer.  Industries that we have seen profit from these solutions include Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation, Utilities and Warehousing.  TuWay Communications designs, builds and maintains dispatch console solutions from a variety of manufacturers including Motorola, Zetron and Omnitronics.

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