Manufacturing Communications

TuWay has many years of years of experience supporting our manufacturers in the Lehigh Valley, including large pharmaceutical, beverage and vehicle manufacturers as well as smaller regional companies.  TuWay can designinstall, and maintain a custom solution that helps you operate smarter. Whether you need an alert system, video solution, or integrated mobile application network, TuWay can help you work safer and smarter.

Centralized Communications Control

With the advent of lower cost, networked communications consoles, companies can now take advantage of more effective field and remote worker communications. These products allow you (from either a single operations center, multiple remote sites, or mobile locations) to integrate all of your radio, telephone and cellular communications for security, HSE, maintenance, and operations onto one homogeneous platform. Combined with today’s digital radio platforms, companies can tie together disparate radio systems via private IP WANs, the Internet, microwave, or satellite creating collaboration opportunities as never before.

Interoperable Voice and Data Communications

Sometimes you may need to collaboratively communicate with people outside the organization. Examples include first responders (911 Centers, police, fire, EMS) responding to an emergency, collaboration with maintenance vendors or engineers to resolve equipment failures, or communicating with outside healthcare professionals during an HSE event. TuWay provides a variety of hardware and software solutions that allow you to establish these interoperable links to combine radio, cellular and telephone communications, as well as video and data file sharing. All securely, on demand, and under your complete control.

Voice Logging Recorders

If you have a need to record all or some of your voice communications for either quality control, post event forensics, liability mitigation or regulatory compliance, TuWay can provide a solution tailored to your specific need. Digital, networked voice logging recorder systems can now provide centralized recording, archiving and retrieval of radio, cellular, and telephone communications. Advanced search capabilities simplify the retrieval and sharing of recordings with internal staff, third party providers, or law enforcement.

In-Building Wireless Coverage

Today even the strongest cellular and radio signals have trouble finding their way through the concrete, stonework, brick, insulation, coated glass and metal used to construct modern energy efficient offices, retail and other buildings. Whether you are trying to provide access to your own employees, outside vendors, customers, or emergency response personnel TuWay has a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Two-Way Radio

Communicate with staff, coordinate inbound/outbound traffic, or manage security and maintenance personnel with a custom two-way radio solution, or by leasing space on our Smart Radio Network. Either way, TuWay can provide a solution that maximizes wide area or in-building coverage, and helps you communicate—and operate—safely and efficiently. We also carry a variety of portable, hand-held (walkie-talkie) and mobile (in-vehicle) products and accessories to meet any budget.


TuWay can deliver enterprise emergency alerting systems, emergency call box solutions, and equipment alarms ideally suited to the needs of your business. From single buildings to campus-wide solutions, TuWay can help you operate safely while optimizing productivity.

Wireless Surveillance Video

TuWay specializes in unique wireless surveillance applications, where power, available network, bandwidth, and equipment access are a challenge. TuWay has designed systems at reservoirs, remote communications tower sites, and that connect multiple outdoor locations into a single easy to use system. We love a challenge, and have designed and installed systems employing solar panels, storage that resides atop traffic signal poles, video analytics, and WiFi/ Cellular/ Microwave back-haul.

Wireless Mesh Networks

Extend the reach of your wired data network with a wireless mesh network. TuWay can implement a cost-effective solution that provides secure, redundant wireless access for field personnel, support for mobile applications, and extends broadband access to remote facilities. Licensed and un-licensed, as well as point-to-point or point-to-multipoint solutions available.