Project Management

As many of us have experienced before, without proper execution the best ideas or plans tend not to be as effective or successful as envisioned. TuWay utilizes experienced project managers and lead technicians on all of our projects in order to ensure deployment success. Often times, because of our unique experience deploying and maintaining critical wireless 911 systems, clients engage us to merely manage a project on their behalf when they do not have the in-house expertise to do so themselves. Over the years, TuWay has successfully managed many diverse projects including:


  • Tower design and construction including geologic testing, structural engineering analysis, site work, FAA lighting, communications shelter construction/ installation, and installation of lightning protection and grounding systems
  • Microwave, radio and paging system installation
  • Wireless Video Surveillance System deployments
  • Radio Communications Console integration
  • Voice Logging Recorder integration
  • Network cabling and hardware installation
  • RFP Process Management

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