Network Security Services

Attacks today are no longer a risk, they are a certainty. And they affect networks of all sizes. RansomeWare, viruses, back door Trojans, malicious payloads, and social engineering are becoming terms that we read about all too frequently. It's critical for organizations to be prepared to identify and respond to a security breach to minimize theft of company information, data corruption and loss, operational disruptions, and corporate liability exposure. Most small and mid-size businesses cannot afford to hire a qualified full-time security professional. Our security agreements provide protection and peace of mind for a reasonable fixed monthly cost.

Here is what we do:

Analyze: We assess in-place information systems and procedures, gathering the information necessary to analyze the network and systems for both functional and security deficiencies, working with your management team to develop a security program optimized for your needs.

Secure and Monitor: In addition to advanced edge devices (Intrusion Prevention/ Detection), a mesh of small, lightweight software “agents” are deployed throughout the network which perpetually watch for unusual activity and threat “signatures”, and can begin mitigation actions - 24x7, 365 days a year.

Maintain: Lack of timely application of software updates and security patches, combined with poor user “maintenance” (e.g. periodic password resets, deletion of employees who have left) are some of the leading causes of security breaches. We utilize a combination of both automated and manual updates, patch deployment and user maintenance tailored to your unique needs.

Support: All incidents and alerts are monitored and logged at our manned Network Services Center. Our trained staff is available 24 X 7 to react to mitigate the effects of any attack. In the event of a breach, logged data is available to assist management and law enforcement during forensic investigations.

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