Wireless Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become increasingly popular as a cost effective means to deter theft or other criminal activity, assist law enforcement in criminal investigations or simply help settle disputes, protect individuals and businesses against liability claims, and enforce corporate policies. While there are many companies who can install conventional video surveillance systems, much fewer have the experience and expertise to design, install and maintain wireless video surveillance systems.

There are many unique challenges to wireless systems related to wireless coverage, bandwidth, prioritization with other applications, High Definition vs. Standard Definition, the need for video analytics (e.g. motion detection, license plate recognition), and access by multiple parties (e.g. management, law enforcement) requiring varying levels of access permissions (e.g. view, download, camera control).

TuWay specializes in these complex, networked wireless video surveillance solutions that connect multiple remote locations or sites via a variety of backhaul solutions such as cellular, WiFi, licensed and unlicensed microwave, and satellite. Examples of these types of applications include:

  • Outdoor surveillance at public housing complexes
  • City streets, parks and shopping centers
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Outdoor sporting venues
  • Water and sewer facilities including reservoirs, pumping and transfer stations
  • Communications towers
  • Office campuses or manufacturing complexes requiring perimeter surveillance or where wireless provides a more cost effective option than running fiber or cable
  • Mining and construction sites
  • Temporary or mobile applications

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