Healthcare Communications

Advanced Communications Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Today’s healthcare facilities need reliable solutions for critical and routine communications. TuWay can help you plandesigninstall, and maintain flexible, scalable communication systems that reduce response time, increase productivity, and let you focus on what really matters: exceptional patient care.

Data Transport

Eliminate recurring charges with a cost-effective, high-bandwidth data transport system. TuWay can design and install a HIPPA-compliant private network that supports voice, video, or data, including bandwidth-intensive PACS medical imaging systems.  

Paging Systems

Rapid response to medical emergencies is an essential component of any healthcare facility. An in-house telemetry paging system can provide the ability to reliably transmit and receive messages almost instantaneously. 

Interoperability Solutions

In an emergency, your communication system needs to work seamlessly with public safety organizations, educational institutions, and other municipal services. TuWay can ensure that you interact effectively with key organizations in even the most high-pressure situations. 

In-Building Wireless Coverage

Today even the strongest cellular and radio signals have trouble finding their way through the concrete, stonework, brick, insulation, coated glass and metal used to construct modern energy efficient offices, retail and other buildings. Whether you are trying to provide access to your own employees, outside vendors, customers, or emergency response personnel TuWay has a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Building/Campus Safety

The safety of employees, patients, and outside visitors is a serious concern. TuWay’s vast experience with campus-wide emergency alerting systems and call box solutions gives us the background needed to develop a system that works for you.