TuWay Communications Offers Advanced VoIP Technologies

Allentown, Pa. (December 1, 2007) – TuWay Communications continues to offer clients with advanced communications solutions by expanding its Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offerings.

A voice over IP (VoIP) is a flexible, robust solution to tradition telephone systems. VoIP utilizes existing broadband connections to carry voice traffic and data traffic. Rather than installing and maintaining a separate telephone line, users of VoIP systems can integrate their communications system over a single broadband connection.

TuWay’s advanced VoIP solutions offer a wide range of features that can increase efficiency while offering considerable savings from recurring phone charges. VoIP is easily scalable, location independent, secure, and can easily be integrated with other Internet services.

Please contact us to learn more about TuWay’s VoIP solutions, or call 800-346-3700.