TuWay designs video solution to meet growing needs of community

“It was such a pleasure to work with TuWay because they provided the critical planning necessary.”

Robert Spengler

Catasauqua School District

Catasauqua School District, Borough & Police Department
Catasauqua, PA


Community partners including the Catasauqua School District, the borough, and local police department wanted to implement an integrated, scalable video surveillance solution that could be used by all of them.


After agreeing on a shared video platform, the Catasauqua School District and police department began looking for a cost-effective way to increase the safety of students and community members. They turned to TuWay. 

With its deep experience in developing video solutions for educational institutions, TuWay quickly provided an ideal solution that could solve the needs of the school district and police department by providing shared video of the school and surrounding area.

Rather than looking at just their immediate needs, TuWay analyzed each organization’s long-term goals to determine how the right technology could help them operate with more efficiency for years to come. TuWay proposed a multi-use private wireless IP and video network that would cover a local park that had vandalism problems as well as the school grounds. The system would allow the police and school district to share equipment costs and provide flexibility for future growth. “The school district allowed us to mount infrastructure on their building and use hard drive space on their video recorder, which saved the borough thousands of dollars,” explains Borough Police Chief Doug Kish.


Today, the borough police and school administrators are able to view live video of the school and the park, increasing safety and minimizing the potential for vandalism. “It was such a pleasure to work with TuWay because they provided the critical planning necessary,” says Catasauqua School District Superintendent Robert Spengler. “They handled everything from camera placement to the type of cameras required for each environment.”

Eventually, the borough police have plans to extend the wireless network to other problematic areas of the borough and allow police to view video feeds and control cameras from their patrol vehicles. “The solution TuWay designed allows us to start small and grow as our needs grow,” Kish says.