Leader in Wireless Communications Diversifies, Broadens Reach

TuWay Communications Enters Joint Venture with Computing Technologies, LLC (CTL), Business Profiles 2016, Lehigh Valley Business


For more than 60 years, TuWay Communications has built a reputation on reliability and trust by monitoring and maintaining the wireless communications needs of the Lehigh Valley’s public safety sector and local businesses.  Now, entering a joint venture with Computing Technologies, LLC (CTL), the company plans to broaden its reach to better serve the needs of the region’s businesses.

“It’s really about enhancing our firm’s portfolio and being able to give people a much more diverse, turnkey solution for all their network needs,” said Allan Levy, an Account Executive with TuWay.

The new venture allows customers to get their network management and security solution from one vendor instead of many.  With CTL, TuWay will install and maintain systems using the technology solution that best serves the customer.  The venture will also enhance TuWay’s preventative maintenance offering and add network security services, with plans customized to fit each customer’s needs.

According to Derek Storm, Strategic Business Development with TuWay, the opportunity arose when existing customers began requesting more services.  “They would say ‘well can you also manage my servers, workstations and internal networks because I would rather have one vendor,’ or ‘can you help me secure my network better?’” said Storm.

Complex communications systems sometimes require many vendors, especially as technology advances and needs grow.  “For example, with Ethernet, fiber, cellular, radio and microwave networks we literally manage or perform the installations, then monitor and maintain that entire ecosystem, rather than having it sourced to multiple parties that the customer must then deal with,” Storm said.

The venture marries the advanced networking and monitoring capabilities of CTL with TuWay’s resources, which includes wireless communications system expertise, staff and a fleet of vehicles.  An on-premise “Network Support Center” will house staff that monitor networks in real-time and react to alarms and other issues by either resolving minor problems remotely or sending a technician to be onsite within two to four hours.

“So we’re helping CTL get into some larger things and CTL is helping us diversify and broaden our customer base,” said Storm.

Customer focus is at the heart of TuWay’s success and longevity.  “We really focus on what the customers’ needs are, and we provide value-based solutions,” Storm said.  Part of that focus means not implementing technologies just because they are new or popular.  Each customer is different.  “At the end of the day the technology needs to be an enabler, not an impediment to the business.”

Being smaller, approximately 35 employees, also helps TuWay bring new technologies or offerings to market faster.  “Given the rapid pace of change in today’s technology landscape, we’re able to pick those that improve our customers’ operations and deploy them much faster than larger companies can,” Storm said.

Summing it up, Gary Hoffman, Director of Monroe County 911, added, “I have been working with TuWay for almost 38 years since joining the 911 Center.  TuWay has always been a trusted vendor partner that has consistently been able to implement new technology solutions that work and bring true value to our operation.”


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