Maker of the famous PEEPS® operates more efficiently with better communications

“I can’t say enough about the fantastic customer support we have received from TuWay. With TuWay, you don’t lose support after you place the order—TuWay takes the time to focus on the needs of its customers every step of the way. I feel like they’re part of my business, trying to make me successful, not some external organization.”

Joe Black
Maintenance Supervisor
Just Born, Inc.

Just Born, Inc.
Bethlehem, PA


With over 20 maintenance personnel working together to keep PEEPS® and other products flowing from production to shipment, Just Born, Inc. needed a better means of communications. The company sought out a solution that would provide the communications they need today with the flexibility to take advantage of the technology of tomorrow. They chose TuWay and Motorola. Goals included: 

  • Dispatching maintenance personnel efficiently
  • Providing a means of emergency-only communications
  • Improving communication with all plant personnel


Just Born, Inc. required that its communications system: 

  • Include rugged, robust portable units capable of operating in wet conditions during plant area wash-downs
  • Be easy to implement and operate
  • Be able to handle multiple group communications
  • Offer a wide range of features that would provide future functionality 
  • Be backed by a stable vendor offering strong customer support


Best Solution to Fit Just Born's Needs
The Motorola MOTOTRBO platform digital two-way radio system consists of a repeater and portable radios. The system provides simple push-to-talk (PTT) communications for easy operation as well as new digital functionality including group calls, private one-to-one calls, and text messaging. The system provides two talk paths on one repeater allowing two conversations at the same time from one repeater, keeping costs lower for multiple group users. The digital operation provides a technology path into the future with ever-growing third-party software vendor solutions that Just Born can take advantage of to better their communications system.

A Simple Yet Robust Set of Features
Even though the MOTOTRBO system is very user-friendly and easy to operate, its robust functionality provides features not found in a standard analog two-way radio system. With these special digital features the system allows private one-to-one conversations for supervisors to communicate in privacy without the concern of other radio users hearing their conversations. In addition, radio users can receive text messages for company announcements and/or emergency situations requiring a discrete means of communications. The flexibility of the system allows the advantages of transmitting data for such use as telemetry control of machinery, monitoring alarm contacts, and many other applications. The portable radios are robust and rugged with an IP67 rating protecting them if submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes as well as dust particle ingress.

The Technology of Tomorrow, Today
After implementing the new MOTOTRBO digital radio system, Just Born found that radio users took full advantage of the newfound rapid-response communications. Once the communications capabilities were fully achieved the company found there were areas of the plant which the radio signal did not cover. These “dead zones” of coverage were caused by the rapid expansion of the plant where exterior walls became interior walls. These internal “exterior walls” became signal killers in certain areas of the plant. TuWay's solution would take advantage of the new digital technology of the MOTOTRBO radio platform. By adding a second repeater near the “dead zone” areas of the plant and utilizing the MOTOTRBO “IP Site Connect” technology, the entire plant now has full communication coverage. The “IP Site Connect” technology allowed the two repeaters to be connected via an ethernet cable, and the software in the repeaters and portable radios allowed “automatic roaming” between the two repeaters. Radio users now never have to think about what part of the plant they are in or what repeater they should be selected on.


  • Increased Production: Just Born has been able to keep their downtime to a minimum with maintenance personnel having better communications throughout the plant. 
  • Better Safety: With the new MOTOTRBO radio system the emergency response group has full private communications throughout the plant. By utilizing one of the two talk paths on the repeater(s) and taking advantage of the digital system's capability of prioritizing calls, the emergency response group is assured they will always have communications. For instances where discretion is necessary the emergency response group can send text messages. 


TuWay has helped Just Born achieve their goals of an overall reduction in downtime costs, increased productivity, and a safer environment. The return on investment has led to other departments wanting radio communications for their personnel.

Says Just Born's Joe Black, “I don’t know of a single manager in any department in our organization that does not think this system is great. It helps us to be more efficient and decreases our costs. What more could you want?”