TuWay Communications Completes Upgrade of 911 Center for Bethlehem, PA

The City of Bethlehem's new 911 Center recently passed all acceptance tests, marking a milestone in the City's 911 dispatching operations.  In conjunction with partner Motorola Solutions, Inc., TuWay installed a state-of-the art MCC7500 communications console and integrated the City's new NICE Inform voice logging recorder into the system.  Combined with the previous replacement of the 911 radio communications infrastructure, Bethlehem now has the best in emergency communications capabilities, is in compliance with all FCC narrowband regulations, and is poised to be able to provide Next Generation 911 (NG911) services to the public.

Said Robert Haffner, Director of the 911 Center:  "We are once again very pleased with the professionalism, technical expertise and project management skills that TuWay Communications brought to this project.  Over the years, TuWay has proven to be a valuable partner that we can rely on to look after the City's emergency communications system, and to keep it at the forefront of systems in the area, serving the safety needs of the public and our first responders."